Virtual trip through the museums of Rome

23.03.2020 - 30.06.2020

Do you like traveling and did you intend to make a trip to Rome but due to the current situation did you have to cancel everything? Don’t despair! We know how you can enjoy Rome even from your home! Some museums offer a virtual journey and here you can find the list of the best ones. Take a seat, one, two, three … Come on!

1. Colosseum
Mythical Colosseum! From Monday to Sunday, everyone can participate on social channels on a virtual tour that discovers the monuments, finds, and masterpieces of this splendid cultural heritage. Those who have not had the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Carthago – the immortal myth”, can also read on the social profiles of the Colosseum Park (Parco Colosseo), the interviews with the curators, who will illustrate each of the different sections of the exhibition.


2. Vatican Museums
One of the most visited places in Rome, Vatican Museums! Thanks to the virtual tour you can see the Pio Clementino Museum, the Chiaramonti Museum, the Raphael Rooms but above all the very famous Sistine Chapel!

3. National Gallery
Also, the National Gallery of Rome participates in the #iorestoacasa campaign and is present on Google Arts & Culture to offer dozens of online exhibitions, hundreds of masterpieces to be explored in super zoom in the smallest details.

4. Capitoline Museums
A virtual tour inside the Capitoline Museums, visit the rooms and masterpieces that you can find only in these museums! Look at the collections that have close ties to Rome, where most of the works come from. Possibility to choose between the Italian or English language. By clicking on the hotspots inserted in the rooms and browsing the interactive maps, it is possible to deepen the visit with contextual elements such as photos, videos, and texts.

5. Markets of Trajan – Museum of the Imperial Forums
The most beautiful views of the Imperial Forums. The ground floor of the Great Hall, the second floor of the Great Hall, Archaeological area of the hemicycle of the Forum of Trajan, all this you can see now even without taking a single step! Enjoy a nice trip from your home.

6. Ara Pacis Museum
Another virtual tour also offers you the Ara Pacis Museum! One of the most famous museums in Rome opens up all its space from the entrance to the various pavilions, up to the auditorium. Come and see the casts, maps and many other interesting works up close.

7. Napoleonic Museum
Who does not know the famous Napoleon? Thanks to the Napoleonic Museum you can now immerse yourself in Napoleon’s life even from your sofa.

8. Noble Casino of the Museums of Villa Torlonia
Don’t miss the chance to participate even on a virtual trip to Casino Nobile of the Museums of Villa Torlonia! Visit available in Italian and English.

9. Palazzo delle Esposizioni
The exhibitions of the present and the past, through the story and through the vision of unpublished materials. Listening to expert conferences or participation in online workshops for children and teenagers possible on the Palazzo delle Esposizioni website and social media.

Support the #iorestoacasa campaign and use this time for virtual learning thanks to these museums. And remember, this is the time when you can save the world by sitting on the sofa at home! ❤

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