Setagaya Park

12.03.2020 - 31.12.2024

Setagayapark was created in 1992 by a Japanese landscape gardener Ken Nakajima. For many years, many cultural agreements have persisted among Vienna’s Döbling district and a suburb of Tokyo called, yes you guessed it, Setagaya. Setagayapark has been made to mimic a Japanese landscape, with several ponds and streams, along with densely planted garden elements typical of Japanese gardens. There is a Japanese tea house, a stone lantern in the “Yukimi style,” several stone sculptures, and a fountain, and even a poem cast in stone at the garden’s entrance. Especially remarkable are the plantings of Japanese maple, ornate cherry trees, and moor bedding plants like azaleas. The diverse plant life produces an ever-changing display of blossoms and transformations from season to season.

Everything blooms here in the style of Japan. Japanese gardens are known to have their very own form of expression. You can convince yourself of this in Setagaya Park and lose yourself in the Far Eastern flair. The park is characterized by the bamboo gate, a pond with a waterfall, and typical plants and stone monuments.

Location: Gallmeyergasse 4, Wien
Opening hours:
From 1 March to 31 October the Setagayapark is opened daily from 7 AM
The park closes at the following times:
March: at 6 PM
October: at 7 PM
April and September: at 8 PM
May to August: at 9 PM
No dogs allowed


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Setagaya Park, Gallmeyergasse, Viedeň, Rakúsko



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