Walks in Prague

21.05.2021 - 31.12.2022

Walks in Prague. The best way to discover Prague is on foot. There is so much to discover beyond the Clock, the Bridge, and the Castle!

1. From Břevnov to Strahov: The Magic of (Semi-)Rural Prague

This walk is quite undemanding, but offers a surprising variety of terrain and architecture. It’s ideally suited for beer-loving history buffs, as it begins and ends at two monasteries where excellent beer been brewed from time immemorial. From the Baroque Břevnov Monastery and its gardens, you’ll walk through a tidy Communist-era housing estate to a charming village, around an old vineyard farmstead and on to Strahov Monastery with its famous library and picture gallery. Finally, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of Prague’s historical centre.

2. From Letná to Old Town: Head Back in Time to a Hidden Garden

The walk creates both a literal and imaginary bridge between two worlds that, while different, still have much in common. It connects two very different Prague districts and two iconic buildings of Prague’s National Gallery: the Functionalist Trade Fair Palace (Veletržní palác), with the modern art collection, and the ancient Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, in which the medieval art collection is displayed. From Holešovice, your route takes you through Letná Park to the Metronome, a modern dominant of the left bank of the Vltava and across the bridge to the northernmost end of Old Town. Wind your way through the tiny lanes of this part of the city, which most visitors haven’t discovered yet and which will envelop you in the authentic atmosphere of old Prague. Your destination is the Convent of St Agnes and its recently renovated gardens.

3. From Vinohrady to Žižkov: Searching for Bohemian Prague

Žižkov is one of the most iconic Prague neighborhoods outside of the historical centre. In the past, its mostly working-class population, lively pubs and cabarets, and hilly terrain under Vítkov Hill together cast an irresistible spell under which many aspiring artists fell. Žižkov was home to two famous Jaroslavs – Hašek, author of the world-famous humorous novel The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War, and Seifert, a poet who is the sole Czech Nobel laureate for literature. Today Zižkov is undergoing rapid changes, but its heart remains purely bohemian. The walk will take you first to the Vinohrady district, which gets its name from real vineyards that were laid out on the hillsides here during the Middle Ages. Over time the grapevines were slowly replaced by buildings. In today’s Vinohrady, you’ll find beautifully decorated Art Nouveau and Historicist buildings alongside severe Modernism in unusual colours and shapes. This winding route takes you through the streets of Žižkov leading to the TV transmission tower, a modern symbol of this exciting district. Rest and refresh yourself at one of the many local pubs that the district is known for.

4. From Bubeneč to Troja: An Idyllic Tree-Lined Stroll Among Villas

A romantic walk that takes you from the immediate vicinity of Prague Castle to the Bubeneč district, a charming, peaceful neighborhood full of stylish villas and manicured gardens that are today home to embassies and diplomatic residences. You’ll find ornate Art Nouveau villas with folklore motifs, grand period mansions, as well as the lovely Governor’s Summer Palace, overlooking Stromovka Park, the oldest and most extensive park in Prague. In the park, you can stroll past ponds or take a break under century-old oaks; then hop onto the ferry to the lush green neighborhood of Troja, where you have a choice of visiting the Botanical Gardens or the Zoo, or taking a tour of the Baroque Troja Chateau.

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