Top 5 Things to do with kids in Kraków

01.09.2019 - 31.12.2022

Krakow is a very child-friendly city offering a variety of parks, museums, exhibits, performances and indoor activities, beautiful outdoor spaces, excellent food, good playgrounds and amazing cultural sites in general. Traveling with kids can be super exciting and memorable. Here’s a list of some activities in Krakow that a whole family will enjoy.

1. Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences (Ogród Doświadczeń im. Stanisława Lema)
Address: 68 Aleja Pokoju
The Garden of Experiences (Ogród Doświadczeń) is an open-air, hands-on educational exhibition where kids can play and discover the laws of physics and nature through experiments. It covers an area of six hectares within the Polish Pilots’ Park. There are about 70 experimental exhibits in the garden, from a giant kaleidoscope to a model of the Solar system to magic glass, all designed to stimulate the imagination of the garden’s youngest visitors.

2. Krakow Zoo
Address: 14 Ul. Kasy Oszczędności Miasta Krakowa
Featuring hundreds of different animal species, exotic and domestic, this historic menagerie is a beautiful area with lots of activities for parents and kids. The zoo is located in the center of Wolski Forest. There are about 260 species, represented by almost 1,500 animals. They include pygmy hippo, ant tapir, Przewalski’s horse, antelope, snow leopard, Amur tiger, jaguar, fennec, monkeys and many others. In Mini – ZOO created for the youngest, you can stroke and feed ponies, miniature rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, dwarf goats, donkeys and llamas (food is prepared by the garden employees and is available on the site).

3. Papugarnia Amazonia
Address: 23 Rynek Główny
Here you can get into an amazing adventure full of unusual colors and sounds! Only here you can see some colorful, exotic birds really closely, and even feed them! You can communicate with unique parrots, learn about their habits, sensitivity, cover them and also pet them so they will repay you with fun time together if they trust you. Meeting sessions with parrots last 20 minutes (you can join every 20 minutes starting from every full hour). However, you should be 5 minutes earlier, because before starting each session, parrot owners need a moment to briefly introduce you to the subject and prepare visitors for this unusual meeting.

4. EnergyLandia
Address: aleja 3 Maja, Zator
Energylandia is the largest amusement park in Poland, over 26 ha of the area. A must-see place for everyone who wants to experience amazing moments and have fun. Of course, the park has zones for children, so as you can see the whole family can spend a great time. The park is divided into 4 themed zones: Bajkolandia with attractions for children, Family Zone for whole families, Extreme Zone dedicated to all hungry for sensations and a high dose of adrenaline and Water Park – Energylandia Water Park is 1800 m2 of swimming pool area. In Energylandia there are a total of over 80 attractions for all ages, including 12 rollercoasters. You can also see there stunt shows, artistic performances by dancers, circus performers and acrobats.

5. Dragon’s Den
Address: 5 Wawel
The kids will love the Dragon’s Den, former home of the legendary Wawel Dragon, and the fire breathing dragon, located under the magnificent Wawel Castle. This is a legendary cave in the western slope of Wawel Hill above the Vistula riverbank and has been known as the monster’s den. In fact, the Dragon area’s oldest residence, inhabited by men from the Stone Age through the 16th century. Tourist route is more than 80 m length! It starts with a spiral staircase leading from the top of the hill into deep three chambers. It is interestingly lit and you will walk out near the River Vistula by the dragon. A bronze sculpture of the Krakow Dragon stands on a boulder by the exit of the Dragon’s Lair. The sculpture spurts fire on demand via SMS message. Have you ever had an opportunity to visit the natural cave in the city centre? So don’t miss this great adventure!

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