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Krakow is a magical city with rich history and culture, beautiful historical monuments, enchanting streets which make this city one of Europe’s most photogenic and Instagrammable destinations. You will find a multitude of beautiful areas around the city that look very traditional and are filled with gorgeous architecture. I am sure, you will be really inspired by this beauty and will start taking thousands of photos:))

Here is a list of some Of the best places for Insta-worthy photos in Kraków that will make you fall in love with this unique and charming city.

1. Wawel Royal Castle
This is one of the most picturesque spots in the city to photograph as it’s considered one of the most fascinating of all European castles.
The Royal Wawel Castle combines both Romanesque and Gothic styles. It’s free to walk around so you can admire the beautiful architecture and its premises. The courtyard of the Royal Castle, which impresses with its grandeur, as well as the lightness of its slender arcades are very photogenic. So be ready to take a looot of wonderful pictures.

2. St Mary’s Basilica
St. Mary’s Basilica is the veritable symbol of Kraków, which is a church from the 14th century. If you want to make a picture which would look like a real postcard from Kraków, this Church is a perfect one to be depicted on it. You will find lots of great angles to take photos of and for a nice perspective I recommend framing your image using the arches from the Cloth Hall. As impressive the exterior is, inside St. Mary’s Church is stunning as well! From the streets, you can take different perspectives of St Mary’s Basilica. For example, Floriańska Street offers a very nice view of St. Mary’s Basilica. Also, you can take some amazing pics from Cafe Szał which is located on a terrace of the Cloth Hall in Krakow. I recommend you taking some photos by night, because it will look really magical.

3. Floriańska street
Another beautiful photo location you should visit in Kraków is Floriańska, which is one of the most popular and charming streets in the city. It leads from the Florian Gate straight to the heart of the city – the Main Market Square. As I mentioned above, a really nice perspective for taking photos Of St Mary’s Church opens up from this Street. Also, you can take photos of Florian Gate which is located at the end of the Street. From one side, Florianska Street reaches St. Mary’s Basilica on the Krakow Main Square. From the other side, through St. Florian’s Gate, it leads to the Church of St. Florian. It’s a great place to capture the city rush and its unique atmosphere.

4. Father Bernatka Bridge
Father Bernatek Footbridge crosses the Wisla River to the south of the centre, connecting the Kazimierz and Podgórze districts. It is one of the tourists’ favorite part of the city landscape. The bridge is adorned with beautiful nine acrobatic, gravity-defying sculptures by Jerzy Kędziora which add to ir some charm and make you feel a little bit like in the theater. You’ll discover lots of great angles as you walk around the bridge. Also, I would try taking photos by night as bright neon lights spectacularly illuminate the arch and walkways.

5. Szeroka Street, Kazimierz
Szeroka is the heart of the old Jewish district. This atmospheric cobblestone street looks like a Square with old synagogues and majestic houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Entering Szeroka from the side of Miodowa Street, you have a rare opportunity to go back in time. Old shutters, displays and signboards, where you can read the names of their former owners. For example, I recommend you taking photos of the facade Of the restaurant „Dawno Temu na Kazimierzu” which can be translated as “Once upon a time in Kazimierz” and of a really instagrammable facade of the restaurant „Ariel”, which both look beautiful on pictures.

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Kraków, Poland



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