TOP 5 Charming Parks in Kraków

09.07.2019 - 31.12.2022

Everyone needs a break from a city bustle, and that’s where green spaces come in. These are green oases where you can relax, sit on a bench, walk your dog, stroll, cycle, have a picnic or play.

1. Henryk Jordan Park
Address: Al. 3 Maja 11
Henryk Jordan Park is a lovely park around a twenty-minute walk from the Old Town centre. It’s well kept and has some fantastic features including an artificial little lake and innumerable statues of important polish leaders. This is a nice place where you can relax or just go for a walk as there are a lot of pathways to take a stroll for everyone. Also people go there to play some sports. During the summer there are plenty of activities to do in the park, as playgrounds for kids, go-carts, some kinds of vehicles or pedal boat to rent as well. What’s more, there are two cafes in the park where you can grab something to eat and rest for a while.

2. Wolski Forest
Address: ul. Kasy Oszczędności Miasta Krakowa 14
Fantastic large wooded area on the outskirts of Krakow with numerous paths inside, making it an ideal place for a stroll. It’s perfect to combine it with a visit to the zoo, which is situated in the middle of the forest, or to Piłsudski’s Mound which is situated towards the north. There are plenty of biking trails, running trails & walking paths to go around and two big mounds providing superb views on Wisla valley surroundings. This place is just 15-20 minutes away from the city by car or you can get there by buses 134, 152.

3. Park Lotnikow Polskich
Address: al. Pokoju 67
A great little park where you can stroll through and get away from the bustle of the city. Moreover, it’s a very popular place not only for walks but also for bicycle trips. There are playgrounds, basketball courts, bicycle paths and the Garden of Experiments. The Tauron Arena Krakow is also nearby and on the other side of the al. John Paul II there is a Polish Aviation Museum with an extensive outdoor exhibition.

4. Bednarski Park
Address: ul. Parkowa, ul. Krzemionki, Kraków
Park was created in the old quarry by a social worker and teacher Wojciech Bednarski. It is located within the old part of Podgórze district on the right bank of the Vistula. Here you can find around 100 specimens of trees and bushes surrounded by Jurassic rocks. There are two parts within the park – the older one is neoclassical and the newer is modernist. The park is divided into several main parts: the central terrace, the upper terrace, a large serpentine and a playfield.

5. Planty Park
Address: The Old Town Area
A favorite place of locals for walks and a real gem of Krakow. There is no other city in Poland that could boast a similar park. The Planty reminds​ of a green ring surrounding the Old Town, which is the reason why they are sometimes called the “green necklace at the neck of the city”. The Park is divided into 8 gardens, is about 4 km long and extends over an area of 21 ha, which makes it the largest municipal park in Krakow. There are 40 species of trees and shrubs in their area, including nature monuments, like the 130-year-old plane tree at the end of Wiślna street. Every season, in any weather, the Plants are unique in their own way!

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