Top 5 Old-themed cafes in Krakow that will throw you back to the past

26.05.2019 - 31.12.2022

Krakow is for sure full of modern restaurants but there are also some atmospheric old-style cafes in this city, especially in Kazimierz district.
Let’s go back in time, get the real retro and vintage vibes at these places!

1. Mleczarnia.
Address: ul. Meiselsa 20
The interior of the Mleczarnia is very charming: candlesticks, lace tablecloths on tops of old tables and many photographs from the times before World War II. The main room is decorated with a small fireplace, which gives the place its own unique character as of cozy winter evenings. This cafe is not only a well-arranged space in which every table and chair has its own history. “Mleczarnia” and its atmosphere are created primarily by visitors themselves.

2. Singer
Address: ul. Estery 20
In Kazimierz you can find an interesting place that derives its name from the American manufacturer of sewing machines founded by Isaac Singer. It is a place where old sewing machines are an indispensable element of the decor. There is probably no person who does not know a sewing machine of the famous Singer brand. This place will appeal to all those who appreciate the old atmospheric decor and the light of candles. The ambiance is perfectly complemented by calm music flowing from the speakers. Noteworthy are the fireplace in the first room and a beautiful wooden bar in the main hall. Also the cafe is decorated with patterned wallpaper and old furniture.

3. Alchemia
Address: ul. Estery 5
Alchemia is located on the corner of Estera Street and Plac Nowy. The decor of this place is filled with the spirit of Krakow’s Kazimierz. This dark, stifling and intriguing place is vibrant with life in the evenings. The highlights of this place are a tasteful red wallpaper, a large mirror, a fireplace and a mysterious wardrobe to which … you can enter. Opening the wardrobe door, you can move to a stone room where one can smoke. On the right side, there is a small room lit by candlelight. Here you can feel like in an old, rural room. There are also many concerts and other cultural events organized here. The atmosphere of this place is amazing, ​especially in the evening. Don’t miss it when in Krakow!

4. Dawno temu na Kazimierzu / “Once upon a time in Kazimierz”.
Address: Ul. Szeroka 1
Another great place in Kazimierz, decorated in the style of the turn of the century. Going from Miodowa Street to Szeroka street, which for centuries were in the heart of the Jewish city, you can notice old shutters, exhibitions and signboards where only the names inform us about the origin of the owners: Nowak, Holcer, Kac, Weinberg, Rittner, Kohan. The interiors of shops and workshops are arranged as they once were, divided by invisible demolished walls, symbolizing the integration and how the borders between nations, their cultures and religions are blurred. There you can find some old couches and wardrobes, and even carpentry workshops serve as tables in one part. If you can not get to the Museum of Jewish Culture, take the opportunity and feel the long-forgotten atmosphere of those times in this amazing place.

5. Ogród na dachu Kazimierza/Roof garden Kazimierz
Address: ul. Meiselera 17
The garden on the roof of Kazimierz is perfectly located in the heart of Kazimierz District. It includes a small atmospheric old-school cafe inside on the 1 floor and a small terrace hidden in the roofs of the surrounding tenements: several tables, a few pots with flowers, but the view on the New Square is very nice! So if you are looking for something cosy, calm and distinctive for Kazimierz with retro-looking charm it is definitely a right place for you.

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