Top-5 coolest museums you should visit in Krakow

06.05.2019 - 31.12.2022

Visiting a museum while traveling in a new city is always a great idea! Of course, in Krakow, there are a large number of different museums. From the most famous to hidden gems, there is a museum that will satisfy any type of tourist. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know the city more closely, learn more about its history and culture.
Note: You can save money by checking out the opening hours of the museums. Many museums offer free entrance once a week.

Here are 5 of my favorite museums in Krakow, some are well known, some are hidden gems. Enjoy!

1. The Ethnographic Museum.
Address: pl. Wolnica, 1
The museum presents the exhibits of folk art of southern Poland from the middle ages to the twentieth century, as well as a collection of folk art from Indonesia and Cameroon.

2. MOCAK. Museum of contemporary art.
Address: 4 Lipowa Street
The museum was officially opened in May 2011 and has since demonstrated the post-war avant-garde and displays of conceptual art.
MOCAK has its own, regularly replenished collection of the last half-century art (Polish and foreign), and its development can be monitored at the regular permanent exposition shows. The exposition is divided into several sections: conceptualism, video, sculpture and object. A pleasant addition will be free admission on Tuesdays and frequently changing exhibitions. This place is a real fountain of emotions!

3. MANGGHA. Museum of Japanese Art and Technology.
Address: ul. Konopnickiej 26
On November 30, 1994, this museum was opened. Today, in addition to the big collection of objects of Japanese art, in the museum you can see other exhibitions devoted to the cultural heritage of Japan. Everyone can not only visit, but also learn how to organize a tea ceremony. Also in the museum organized courses of the Japanese language and ikebana.

4. The Hipolit House
Address: 3 St. Mary Square
This exhibition of a bourgeois home shows the characteristics of various interior designs as they have changed over the centuries. Here you can learn in detail how the rich people of Krakow once lived.

5. Krakow National Museum (The Main building)
Address: Al.3 Maja street
This is a museum of Polish art. Here you can find a large variety of collections: paintings by Polish artists, local coins, sculptures of the 19th century, archaeological objects found during excavations, historical documents. Currently, there are 21 departments in this museum, of which 11 galleries and 2 libraries with valuable exhibits. In total, you can see about 800,000 pieces of art, but most of you will find Polish art here. Also, it contains two permanent exhibitions:
1. Arms and Colours in Poland
2. Gallery of Decorative Art
From May 19th, 2017 through May 17th, 2020 Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine is on show at the Krakow National Museum’s Main Hall.

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