Top Vegetarian & Vegan places in Krakow

29.04.2019 - 31.12.2022

Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine has really become popular over the past few years. More and more restaurants and cafes are offering healthier choices of meals on their menus. Our Krakow Vegetarian and Vegan places list will open up the wonderful world of truly amazing and healthy taste. If you haven’t tried one of these nice places, now you definitely have to. Krakow really knows how to please foodies and, good news, the number of tasty vegan/vegetarian places is continuously increasing.

Here’s a list of 8 of the best vegetarian & vegan-friendly places in Krakow:

1. Massolit cooks
Address: Józefa Street 2
Perfect place for a short stop for lunch or coffee break, which is located in Kazimierz district.
They have a great selection of veggie and vegan homemade food. And you will be for sure amazed how large the portions are with being reasonably priced at the same time. Also the decor and lovely chilled-out atmosphere can be appreciated here.

2. Veganic
Address: Dolnych Młynów Street 10
An amazing advantage of the restaurant is a healthy and fashionable New Vegetable Cuisine, served with due care for the appearance of dishes. The vast majority of the menu is about 90% vegan dishes prepared with the best ingredients and served with attention to every little detail. A perfect place for lunch, meeting friends, family celebrations and business meetings.

3. Karma
Address: Krupnicza Street 12
This is a great place for breakfast and/or lunch with the best coffee in town. You can find a lot of vegetarian dishes there and plenty of vegan ones, and their vegan and gluten-free homemade cakes are extremely tasty. All items are prepared from scratch on-site. Two soups and two main courses are available every day. And the big plus is a large selection of breakfast dishes served throughout the day.

4. Hummus Amamamusi
Address: Meiselsa Street 4
A small little gem of its neighborhood where you can enjoy the yummiest hummus in over 25 flavors which is served with excellent bread, vegetables and fresh herbs. Also here you can eat vegan or vegetarian breakfast, soup, and drink excellent coffee from the pot.

5. Krowarzywa
Address: Sławkowska Street 8
Krowarzywa is for sure the healthiest vegan fast food in the city with the perfect location in the Old Town area.
Here you can enjoy delicious vegan burgers, wraps, bowls, hot dogs, smufi full of vitamins and other dishes of vegan and vegetarian cuisine, full of amazing tastes. Everything that they serve is 100% vegetable and created with care for animals and the environment.

6. Wesola Cafe
Address: Rakowicka Street 17
One of my favorite places for healthy breakfast or lunch so far. They have a lot of options to choose from: savory, sweet, big and small appetite – for vegans and non-vegans and for gluten-free people – one thing is for sure – it will be very tasty!
I really like their delicious salads, wraps and homemade cakes.

7. Youmiko Sushi
Address: Józefa Street 2
Do you want to try the most delicious vegan sushi ever? This is the​ right place for you!
Youmiko is a tiny place in the heart of Kazimierz, which will enchant you with the diversity of flavors and textures in classic sushi. They generally compose sushi sets based on whatever is the freshest at a given moment so rolls are served immediately after making, with still warm rice, so it is a real paradise for every foodie. Four tables and several seats at the bar are usually occupied by locals – do not forget to book!

8. Vegano
Address: Siemiradzkiego Street 25/1
This place should definitely be on your “to eat at” list if you prefer vegan/vegetarian food.
This cute little vegan place is modern and cozy.​ It offers a big selection of vegan food, desserts and drinks such as coffee, chocolates & juices/smoothies, tea as well as a big variety of salads and ciabattas. It’s a great place to have breakfast/lunch at or treat yourself and enjoy healthy & delicious vegan food and drinks.

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