Romantic places in Budapest


Planning a romantic getaway with your love in Budapest? Or just want to have a lovely afternoon? Maybe you want to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with a special day in Budapest? Then here are my top tips if you want to make sure you enjoy the city’s romantic spirit in the best possible way. Great walks, beautiful views, local hidden gems, all in one hand 🙂

1. Buda castle
No romantic walk can be imagined without getting lost in the beauty of Buda castle. This is a real fairytale castle with a view, which will amaze you no matter how many times you have seen it before. There are several cafes and restaurants there, where you can enjoy your dinner accompanied by a great glass of Hungarian vine.

2. The boating lake in the City Park
During summer, the lake of the City Park operates as a boating lake (during winter time it is an ice-skating rink), which would be a perfect place to hide away from the world 🙂 and enjoy your time. You can rent a boat from 30 minutes to even a whole day if you prefer 🙂

3. Citadella Panorama restaurant
Want to amaze your partner with the nightlights of Budapest? Then make a reservation at Panorama Restaurant, which will show you the view of the city from one of the highest places in Budapest. It is especially beautiful when the sun goes down, and it colors the sky to pink and orange.

4. Coffe at New York Palace Cafe
It is always worth to go there, even if it is crowded in a majority of the cases. It is located in an old, historical building and has one of the most beautiful interiors I have ever seen.

5. Daytrip to Szentendre
You can easily reach Szentendre by public transportation and it takes only about 50-60 minutes from the city centre. Take the HEV from Batthyani square. It is considered as the most Mediterranean city in Hungary. Located by the Danube river, the city has a great, warm vibe, cute and narrow streets with many handicrafts and interesting museum.

6. Taking a Cruise
Budapest is must-see by boat too, you just cannot miss it. There are many companies offering Danube river cruises, but you can also find many, which are offering dinner as well, which can be the most romantic night of the two of you while enjoying the magic view to both Buda and Pest side.

7. Visting Romai riverside
It is located on the Buda side, next by river Danube. You can reach this place via boat public transportation (no joke :), you can jump up to the boat operated by the Budapest public transportation), which will take only 15 minutes from the city center. There are several great pubs with outside sitting places, where you can enjoy a great glass of wine, a tasty dinner or you can have a romantic walk in a beautiful and peaceful area of the city.

8. Feneketlen lake
Another peaceful place to enjoy your picnic with your love, or take your morning run around lake Feneketlen. There is also a great restaurant called Hemmingway, which can be a perfect end of a lovely day. I suggest visiting this place when the nightlights are already up, which will give it a special mood.

9. Take a ride with tram 2
Tram 2 goes around the most famous parts of the city next by the river with shortstops, so it is a kind of “free” hop on- hop off experience with a cost of just 1 single public transportation ticket (1 EURO). It is beautiful, especially in the evening. There are several great restaurants on the line, so you can choose as per your preference, but make sure you choose one, with the view to Buda side. A great choice can be a restaurant called Dubarry restaurant.

10. Eat a croissant and drink an espresso in Jegbüfé
If you ask my recommendation for the most romantic place for a great and quick breakfast, I obviously recommend Jegbüfé, which is a traditional coffee spot operating from 1952. It is located in the heart of the city in a traditional building, built at the beginning of the 20th century. It certainly is a special experience for a romantic morning 🙂


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