Brain Bar Budapest


Brain Bar Budapest

  • 21.09.2023 - 22.09.2023
  • Events, What to do in Budapest

This year, Brain Bar will stage the most burning questions of our century between 21 and 22 September! Interesting and thought-provoking lectures will take place at the Hungarian House of Music, and participants will be able to take an active part in them. This year’s motto is “Mind over matter.” so the themes of the lectures are specifically designed to help you find inner strength in a seemingly disintegrating world.

Brain Bar is back with our century’s most burning questions! In 2023, we are again on a quest to rewrite what you thought you knew about the world, inspire, provoke, and equip you with all the knowledge and mental strength you might need to face the challenges the future holds.
And we know this is exceptionally hard now. Climate change, the wars raging around us, the economic crisis, and the incredibly rapid technological changes are not sparing either our so-far solid principles or our psyche. If we just look around, we see there’s almost no one around us with solid mental health, and more people than ever are lonely, anxious, or downright depressed.
Brain Bar believes that this year’s motto, ‘Mind over matter’ can be true even in the case of such hard battles.
That’s why this year, our mission is to help you gain inner strength in a world that seems to be falling apart, and we’ll surely touch on…
-where our relationships are headed and whether we really are lonelier than ever;
-whether it makes any sense to save or even think about money in 2023;
-whether we are destined to lose our intellectual abilities in the age of AI;
-what the sense behind wars is and the control over them will be in humans’ hands;
-whether we really must devote our skills and talent to addressing these crucial issues.
Come and think together with us, listen to the talks, and if you’d like, ask your questions – don’t forget, you can do all this free of charge if you’re a student or a teacher.

Venue: Hungarian House of Music
Date: 21-22 Sep
Time: 9:00-23:00

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