Budapest Things to do


An oasis of relaxation in summer Budapešť, Maďarsko

24.06.2019 - 30.09.2019

Discover the water worlds of the Hungary aquaparks. Water slides, tropical paradises, and numerous water attractions spread throughout modern thermal pools offer an oasis of relaxation in summer. Hungary offers​ top-notch entertainment and wellness! 🌞 Palatinus Baths At this spa on Margaret Island, you can even sweat in the geothermal sauna, but you should also enjoy the sunshine outside on the giant slides or in the swimming, adventure and wave pools...


Top Things to do in Budapest Budapešť, Maďarsko

12.03.2019 - 12.03.2020

Welcome to Budapest, Budapest, as the capital of Hungary, offers a lot of unique experiences. The city in a beautiful natural environment with a rich architectural and historical heritage, offering a combination of culture, delicious cuisine and thermal baths ...

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