Vegánsky piknik
Vegánsky piknik

Vegan picnic

  • 05.08.2023
  • Bratislava events today, What to do in Bratislava
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😋 🙌🏻 Do you think that we will leave such beautiful weather without tasting plant-based delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere on a picnic blanket??? No way will we let that happen!!!

🌱 That’s why Zelená jedáleň is dusting off the picnic blankets and on behalf of the Slovak Vegan Society cordially invites you to the Bratislava Vegan Picnic.

🍅 Get ready for lots of amazing plant-based food, nice people, good mood, relaxed spring-summer atmosphere, interesting stories and lots of different information.

Vegans, vegan women, vegan girls, vegan girls, vegetarians, gluten-free, frutarians, bretharians, carnivores, omnivores, buddies, buddies, moms, dads, aunts, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, cousins, dudes, dudettes, co-workers, colleagues, co-workers, neighbours, neighbours, uncles and postmen,… YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

☺️ You can come even by yourself, nothing will happen to you for sure, on the contrary you will meet new people. At the same time it will be nice if you bring other people with you. Any numbers or groups are welcome, there is plenty of space in the Janka Krála Garden

😌 In a relaxed atmosphere you will have the opportunity to taste new dishes, meet people, get inspired, have fun, pick up new information, share recipes, advice and experiences👾.

As long as you don’t speak 🇸🇰 Slovak, it’s absolutely no problem. After 🇬🇧 English, 🇩🇪 German, 🇮🇹 Italian,… we speak, but we are very happy to learn something new.

😜 In case you are not interested in getting to know each other, or getting involved in the discussions and the picnic program, we will also totally respect that.

How does it work?👇🏻👇🏻

The idea of vegan picnics is that each participant brings a vegan dish to offer to the others and thus contributes to the overall food offer.

🍽️ The food is spread out on blankets. And then everyone tastes what they want and how much they want of the food they bring. In addition to sharing delicious food, the event also includes an effort to cultivate a pleasant atmosphere with gourmet, informative and social potential that we create together.

🌱 What to bring – vegan food – something to drink (absolutely anything) – your own plate, bowl,… – your own cutlery (spoon, fork) – an empty tummy – a good mood Napkins and garbage bags will be provided. When you hand in your food, the organisers will interview you and write down the name and ingredients of the food, including any allergens. This information will be especially appreciated by allergy sufferers, but I’m sure all eaters will appreciate it as well.

🙌🏻 💚 What is a vegan meal?

A vegan meal is one that does not contain animal ingredients such as 🥩meat, 🥛milk, 🐣egg or 🐝honey, that is, it can contain anything that is plant-based, i.e. from cereals, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds or fruit.

🍎 Alternatives of meat, milk, cheese, etc. can also be used.

There is no limit to your imagination, you can bring your own cake, sandwiches, soup, main dish, snack, spread, or whatever you like. If you don’t know any vegan recipes and dishes yet, you can’t go wrong with nuts, raw or dried fruit or vegetables. You can bring food in a homemade container, pot, or other container. You can also come if you don’t bring any food. Maybe this event will kick-start your vegan culinary talents and next time you will dare to prepare something good.

🔥 ABOVE: Once again we have also prepared 2 competitions for 2 prize packages of vegan food.

🎁 One of them will be a knowledge contest and the other one will be for the tastiest self-made vegan FOOD.

📍Where are we going to do it?

SAD JANKA KRÁĽA Bratislava Picnics of the Slovak Vegan Society are located near the statue of Janko Kráľ. Just look from the statue towards the Danube, you will see the SVS flag tied on a tree. The exact location can also be found in the discussion of this event.

⏰ When and at what time will we do it?
August 5, 2023 (Saturday) from 14:00 to 18:00


Everyone is warmly welcome and any prejudices are firmly rejected!


🧐Further questions?
Any further questions will be gladly answered in the event discussion. Dress code: absolutely anything you feel good and comfortable in 😊

☎️ tel. contact: +421 901 762 622 if anyone interested in the event urgently needs information or can’t find the venue.

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