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10 Most Amazing Places in Austria

Austria. A country filled with history. Most of you probably associate this beautiful country, in the middle of Europe, with Vienna. The capital of Austria, where you can feel the history while walking through the halls of the Schönbrunn Palace, or perhaps while you have a look at the pompous décor of Hofburg, a residence of the Habsburg dynasty. All of this is true, but Austria is much more than just its capital. It hides some of the most beautiful places you can find in Europe, whether it be cities, castles, lakes or even mountains. Here is a list of some of them which we consider to be the most amazing places in Austria.



You have probably already heard about this magical little city situated between the mountains. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and we know exactly why. The scenery here is simply beautiful. The city lies at the shore of the Hallstatt lake and offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and outdoor sports such as hiking, rock climbing or even boating. Ice caves offer an exceptionally interesting view of frozen waterfalls, icicles, and ice formations. It is also home to the salt mines which are considered to be the oldest in the world and provide good entertainment for families with kids. The mountains, the lake, the wooden houses, and the overall atmosphere of this gem hidden in the Austrian Alps makes you feel like in a fairy tale. 🙂



2. Hochosterwitz Castle

Many believe that Hochosterwitz Castle is one of the most beautiful and impressive medieval castles in Austria. And it is certainly not without a reason. This medieval fortress stands proudly on a 160-meter-high Dolomite rock and overlooks the valley. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the entry to this stronghold which is protected by 14 fortified gates whose extremely clever construction proved to be impenetrable to the enemy forces for centuries. From April to the end of the October visitors have a chance to see the exterior of the castle and find out more about life in the medieval times as well as visit the annual Christmas market which takes place at the lower courtyard in December.



3. Salzburg

Salzburg is a city in the north-western part of Austria. Some people recognize it to be the birthplace of the one and only Mozart but in our opinion, it is much more than that. It´s a historic city full of wonders where history meets modern life. Brimming with one-of-a-kind palaces, galleries, and museums, and of course, a rich, and varied array of restaurants & shopping opportunities it always lives up to visitors’ expectations. And for the fans of classics´, the selection of ´The Sound of Music´ themed attractions is the best way how to spend one´s time in Salzburg.



4. Innsbruck

The city itself is the capital of the Tyrol region and overall, the 5th biggest city in the country. It is located between the mountains therefore many people call it “the Capital of the Alps”. The city has many sights worth seeing. Whether it be sports landmarks such as Bergisel Ski Jump where every year the Ski Jumping World Cup takes place or historical monuments such as St. Anne´s Column, Ambras Castle, Innsbruck Imperial Palace or Old Inn Bridge which gave name to the city itself. Churches, fountains, lots of cozy cafés, and of course a beautiful view of the Alps. Innsbruck is for sure a paradise hidden in the Austrian mountains.


5. Grosglockner Alpine Road

One of the main attractions of Austria which welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year is Grossglockner Alpine Road. Definitely worth a visit, this scenic road will lead you straight to the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park and up the heights of the Grossglockner which is known as Austria’s tallest mountain. If you want to experience Austrian landscape at its best, you can do so while passing through the Pasterze glacier, mountain forests, alpine meadows and plains filled with ice and snow. Doesn´t matter if you take a car or a bus, go by bike or simply walk; either way, you´re expected to see the view of a lifetime.



6. Gesäuse National Park

Deep in the Steiermark Region, this national park provides a varied selection of outdoor activities for tourists and locals alike. Set in the landscape filled with valleys, mountains, and dense forests it is a great place for exploring and enjoying the wonders of nature. With mountains overlooking the valley and the river, it is also a favorite location for hikers and rafting enthusiasts. The enchanting view proves once again, that nature is the best medicine for body and soul.



7. Dürnstein

Dürnstein is a little town approximately 80 km away from Vienna. But every year it is visited by more than 1 million people. Tourists and locals alike. Why? For those who like history and architecture, a beautiful Abbey rebuilt in the 18th century and ruins of the medieval castle overlooking this cozy little town are something which is worth to see. For those who enjoy food and drinks, Dürnstein is well known for its delicious wines, which are being made in an enormous amount of wine cellars and taverns where you can spend the evening enjoying Austrian wine.



8. Krems

Krems an der Donau. The beautiful city is known for its annual Danube Festival, wine, culture and of course – apricots. Hiking trails in nature, a remarkable art scene, and of course, several pleasant wine taverns offering the best vintages not only from Austria. All of those are the reasons why plenty of tourists visit the heart of Wachau Valley Region. Some of the places that are worth visiting are Krems Museum of Caricatures, Steiner Tor or Rectory of St. Veit on the main street. The city definitely has a lot to offer.



9. Tirol

Tirol Region is notably one of the most preferred destinations for tourists who like nature, mountains, and idyllic scenery. Steeped in folklore and filled with plenty of mountain ski resorts it is one of the best places to visit in Austria all year round. While here, you can embark on an adventure in the stunningly beautiful nature where you can expect plenty of hiking and cycling trails, beautiful mountains, clear water streams, fresh air and an all-time-present picturesque view. Café 3440 which sits 3440 m above the sea level and Nordkette Cable Car, a gondola lift which can take you from Innsbruck to the top of the Nordkette Mountain are just a few of the things which make this region a great place to visit.


10. Thayatal National Park

Although it is one of the smallest national parks in Austria, it is no less magnificent. It is situated in lower Austria at the border with the Czech Republic. The unspoiled fauna and flora offer a great escape to those who would like to flee the rush of metropolitan life and would like to spend some time breathing in the pure air of Austrian nature. The park is regarded as one of central Europe’s last natural valley and is split in two across the border. The landscape consists of numerous rock formations, steep slopes, and a canyon cut across by a River Thaya.



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