Austria virtual tours

This week we bring you a list of virtual tours across Austria. Landmarks that are the most interesting not only for tourists but also for the locals. No matter where you live, here is a list of treasures you´ll find only in Austria. Castles, caves, lakes and many many more. Enjoy.


1. Wörthersee Lake

The tour offers a 360° view of all the sights and beaches near this lake. You can climb to the top of the Pyramidekogel, the biggest wooden observation tower in the world, have a walk through the promenade while sipping the coffee you made yourself at home (or wine, we´re not judging) or take a dip in the icy and refreshing waters of the lake.


2. Innsbruck

On the website of the city, you´ll find 12 360° videos in virtual reality which offer events such as Christmas Market, Tyrol evening, the performance of a boy choir and many more. You´ll be able to choose from the menu and decide which video you want to see or if you want to visit the city alone or check out the Nordkette mountain as well.


3. Ice Caves in Werfen

Through the link provided below, you´ll able to embark on an adventure through the millennia-old cave which is now home to the most exquisite naturally formed formations in the world. You´ll be able to see the entirety of the explored part of the cave and discover some of its secrets. The link provided will take you to the 360° virtual tour that is available on YouTube.


4. Austrian National Library

Have the whole of the library in the palm of your hand. You´ll be able to have a look at the famous Prunksaal as well as its sculptures and beautiful fresco which is like no other in the world. Although it may seem like a paradise for bookworms, we think everybody will find this landmark a sight worth to be seen.


5. Hellbrunn Palace

Through this virtual tour, you´ll be able to walk the grounds of the palace as well as observe the stone theatre and the trick fountains in all of their glory. It is certainly one of the most unique places in Austria and we think that it has something to offer to everybody.


6. Mozart Residence

On the website, you will find a 3D VR Tour where you can peruse through the whole residence and have a look at the artefacts which shed a light on the history of this multitalented family. You can see the whole layout of the place and choose from the collection of rooms available online.


7. Mirabell Palace

The palace together with the surrounding gardens has been listed as a cultural heritage monument and is one of the most visited landmarks of the city of Salzburg. Through the virtual tour, you´ll have a chance to explore the halls of the whole palace and see its famous Marble Hall which serves as a concert venue for the “Salzburg Palace Concerts” today.


8. Schönbrunn Zoo

The Zoo offers videos that are being uploaded every couple of days and by watching you can enjoy the sight of animals like flamingos, pandas, polar bears, penguins and many others. The videos show the daily life and routine of animals living in a zoo. On Instagram, you can watch the older daily stories of animals enjoying their meals or having a bath which is a good, fun and educational way how to spend your afternoons or tea/coffee times.


9. Hohensalzburg Fortress

You can enjoy the flair of the medieval period without having to go out of your house. It is surely one of the things which are representative of the rich history Austria has to offer and we think that it is a good place to visit if you like medieval history or fairy tales about princesses and dragons.


10. Mauterndorf Castle

The virtual tour offers a look at some of the instruments used in feudal Austria. It is a chance to experience and learn about the ups and downs of daily life in medieval society. On the website of the castle, you´ll find a couple of videos that tell the history of some of the more significant periods of this place and show the view at the village Mauterndorf as well as the view over the whole castle form the outside.



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