Taranta Love: Marea in Concert and Salento Singing Workshop – Saturday 18 January the Circolo Arci Pianeta Sonoro (Pigneto) hosts the third event of the festival dedicated to the music and traditions of Salento.

Two voices symbol of this land: Enza Pagliara and Dario Muci in concert with their new project “Marea”. In the afternoon, from 18:30 to 20:30 two intensive hours of laboratory “Il Corpo che Canta” Salento singing with Dario Muci. Reservation is mandatory.

Entrance with Arci Card 2019/2020 + Membership fee € 10
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Enza Pagliara and Dario Muci, two of the most intense voices of the Tacco d’Italia for a long time protagonists of high-profile artistic paths, reproduce forgotten songs, collected by themselves by the living voice of the singers of Salento. They embody them and knead them with the times and the stories they live, revealing the vitality of the past against the background of the present. A repertoire of traditional songs for voices, tambourines and guitar that combines research with the re-proposed, the feminine to the masculine. If Enza Pagliara with records such as “Frunte de luna” and “Bona Crianza” has indicated herself as one of the most intense interpreters of female vocality, Dario Muci with the project “Barberìa e canti del Salento” has shed new light on the repertoire of musicians barbers, giving new life to a corpus of songs and music for a long time ended in oblivion. The new “MARÈA” project was born from the common need to re-read an extraordinary corpus of songs learned from the voice of the elderly Salento singers, mixing them with new compositions inspired by the reality that surrounds them, giving life to a meeting between past and present. Between sung songs interpreted in two voices such as the intense “Canto alla Spiga” and poignant songs of love like “Luce de l’occhi”, a sound fresco of rare beauty and charm is composed in which to get lost, letting yourself be fascinated, now by chiaroscuro , now by the spells, now still by the expressive power of the song of the earth. Research, revival and tradition on the move are the ingredients of a musical experience to be lived with the same passion that Enza Pagliara and Dario Muci put into their music.

Location: Pianeta Sonoro, Via Casilina 196, Roma
Date: January 18
Time: 18:30
Cost: 10 Euros
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Pianeta Sonoro, Roma, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


10 EUR

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