“Hedonism” Exhibition

19.01.2020 - 31.01.2020

Hedonism, painting exhibition by Ivo Còtani – On January 19th 2020 at 5.30 pm the personal exhibition “Hedonism” by the artist Ivo Còtani will be inaugurated in Via della Madonna dei Monti 57. This is a cycle of thirteen unpublished works all dedicated to the body, pleasure and play.

On the occasion of the Vernissage and the theme dealt with, Galleria Monti 57 will offer a 30% discount on all drinks, to add other physical pleasures to the aesthetic experience! From the encounter with the theater the figures of the paintings are born. Pictorial research goes beyond reality to meet a “dreamlike” concreteness. All the bodies, despite inhabiting the dimension of the dream, seem to be made of terracotta. The subjects and some metallic shades, silver gold and branches, are not lacking in provocation. The animal element often emerges, a cat stretching, a horse ready to trot and birds immersed in branches. The joyful invitation is to go back to play and enjoy your bodies. “even the creative process itself was a game,

Observing these works, gestures emerge, the elimination of three-dimensionality, the pictorial autonomy conferred to the image and the spontaneity that leads him to dialogue with an art without artifices, authentic and pure. Transparency as a characteristic: immediate and genuine signs. The contours are marked and the bold brush strokes do not communicate harmony but strength and energy. All this gives a great sense of rhythm, movement and dynamism. Ivo Cotani demonstrates mastery of the painting technique, also using very fast drying colors, almost momentary, without any possibility of making a mistake or even better using rethinking – error as a new formal possibility. The sign, the color and the hand of the artist come together to give life to works in which the immediate, sometimes violent instinct of the gesture prevails.

Location: Galleria Monti 57, Via della Madonna dei Monti, Rome
Date: January 19-31
Cost: Free entry


Galleria Monti 57, Via della Madonna dei Monti, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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