Things to do in Bratislava with kids

19.01.2020 - 31.03.2020

Are you in Bratislava with your children during this Wintertime and looking for an active way to spend your free time? We have prepared some family and kid-friendly tips for you.

⛸ Ice-skating
If we cannot imagine winter without something, it’s the atmosphere at Christmas markets and ice-skating. There are several ice rinks operating around the city, where you can borrow skates and enjoy your family fun. You can choose from several exterior rinks around the city, that are still operating. One is located on Hviezdoslavovo square and will be open until the 27th of January, daily from 10:00 until 22:00. You can rent a pair of skates for 4 euro per 1,5h and the entrance to the rink is for free.

If you would prefer to have a good skate with a view over the Danube, we suggest to hit the ice-rink in Eurovea shopping center, that stays at work until the end of January or ice skating rink situated in front of the Grand Hotel River Park.

If you prefer to skate somewhere warmer, try the Avion Arena, an indoor ice rink that is operating the whole year, Ondrej Nepela winter stadium or Petrzalka winter stadium.
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Whatever rink you choose, we are sure that you and your children will have a fabulous time.:)

🤗 Aurelium
We love interactive activities that provide both space for fun and learning. Aurelium in Bratislava is just that kind of space, where not only the children, but also adults can find an experiment they will love. Aurelium, the science hub has it’s door opened to children from 12 years. The entrance fee is 2 euro per child and 4 euro per adult, which we dare to say is next to nothing for all the fun you’ll get. You will find Aurelium at Bojnická 3 in Bratislava.
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😳 Tripland
Imagine taking your family to a museum of optic illusions, filled with real graffiti artworks spread on two floors. You can create your own little artwork and look forward to tones of fun and lots of Instagram worthy photos. If you think that Tripland sounds just as the activity that will excite your children, you will find it at Námestie SNP 15. The entrance for the family – 2 adults and 2 children is 35 euro or 25 euro for 1 adult and 2 children. Tripland is opened daily from 10:15 until 20:15. Have fun and enjoy the illusions.
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🤖 Bibiana
Bibiana is an international house of art dedicated to children. It allows children to enjoy and experience art in an untraditional matter. You can rely on Bibiana to have some fantastic program going on, making it a space that is always there to welcome you and your children to the magical world of art. You can find out more about the program and fees on their website.
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👊 Jump Arena
Jump Arena is a lot of fun, kids can try different types of a trampoline, foam pit, jumps from the tower to the airbag and much more.
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🎬 Cinema time
Being active is very important, but sometimes you and your children just need some downtime. Time to sit and relax and watch the new Frozen, because that’s the one thing your kids can’t let go.:). If you wonder where you can watch Frozen II, check out the programme at Cinemax Bory Mall or Cinema City in Aupark, Eurovea or Polus. And if Frozen is not your children’favorite, we are more than sure there will be another family-friendly movie, that all of you can enjoy.:)

😃 Aquaparks
Who says, you can’t enjoy a good swim and fun at an aquapark during winter season? We believe that if you feel like swimming, you should be able to do so, no matter the season. Thank God for aquaparks that are opened also during this cold season. If you feel like going for a family swim, we would recommend the Aquapark Aquathermal park in Senec, Thermal Corvinus in Veľký Meder, X-Bionic, Therme Wien or Aquaworld Budapest. All relatively close to Bratislava, that will make for a nice trip and tones of wet fun with slides, spa, swimming pools and a lot more.

⛷ Skiing
In case you would like to spend your holiday at our beautiful mountains find our tips on kids friendly activities and fun in High Tatras.
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