Katarze // The First Encounter: Cabin Fever


➤ deep house // tech house // techno
➤ Music and art synergy
➤ German Headliners

Welcome to Katarze – a new state of reality

We invite you to an innovative experience where music and art aligns. We are taking over an abandoned space which was once a brewery in the 17th century. The outside has stayed intact but the inside… well that’s for you to experience.

Be the first to take on the KATARZE’s First Encounter: Cabin Fever Edition

The Music Guru’s –

Vilem Gleich[Prague,Czech Republic](CZ)

Local Artist and Their Innovating Art Pieces –

MIRA [Prague,Czech republic]

Sa Bi En [Prague,Czech republic]

Karolína Vorlíková [Prague,Czech republic]

Marek Vavřinec [Prague,Czech republic]

Jana Mercogliano [Prague,Czech republic]

-Do not limit your curiosity but always respect the art
-Dive into each creator’s world and become one with their work -Explore and be inspired
-Spread love and respect those around you

Lastly, we are creating this creative space for you to release your repressed emotions and leave feeling renewed. We welcome you with great, loving energy.

At any time, you may be asked to leave for any inappropriate behavior and will not receive a refund. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to take full responsibility of all your intentional or accidental actions.

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Nuselský pivovar, Bělehradská, Prague 4-Nusle, Czechia


12 EUR

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