Monolith Grows, Jam Session

17.11.2019 - 18.11.2019

Monolith Grows (IT – Heavy Rock)
Jam Session afterwards

Monolith Grows
Italian heavy rock quartet
“Stoner meets grunge” rock band from Italy
For fans of QOTSA/Soundgarden/Kyuss/LedZeppelin

Born on the badlands of the Modena apennines.
They live for music and they are music.
“Black and Supersonic” their 2nd Lp was released on the 8th of June via Burning Wax Productions.
Includes the single “Satan Monday Bureau” feat. Joe Mora HOBP (Ex Unida)

VVK (online) € 7,-
AK € 10,-


Weberknecht, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Wien, Österreich


7 - 10 EUR

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