TOP things to do this weekend in Stockholm

07.11.2019 - 10.11.2019

The end of the week is almost here and you still don´t know what´s going on in Stockholm? ? Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered! ♥ Get inspired by some of these events ??

? Christmas at Tyresö Slott.
Here in this fantastic environment at Tyresö castle we organize a Christmas fair in the traditional style. Warm welcome.
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? The super flea market in Liljeholmen!
The underground gadget party with flea market in Liljeholmstorget Galleria’s parking garage is finally back! Three Sundays during the fall, 18 Aug, 13 Oct and 10 Nov at 11-15.
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? NHL Global Series 2019.
The Swedish hockey fans will once again get the chance to experience the world’s best hockey, live, in the Ericsson Globe! Buffalo Sabers and Tampa Bay Lightning meet in two series games in the Ericsson Globe on Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9.
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? Yungblud.
England’s alternative music scene seems to live its own life. Sometimes it is in tune with the rest of the world’s counterpart, sometimes not. It seems that, in a liberating way, it doesn’t care. Mixing hip-hop, skull and rock in a subtle way as NME-hypeade YUNGBLUD is an example of music that probably could not come from anywhere other than England.
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? ASKA – premiere.
ASKA is diffused sight pacing the tiniest shift. A vibrating still life or a soundimage who thinks she is an airborne stain whilst the sky lowers its guard. Feather-light darkness for those who fancy an illusion and do not fear unaffected fine print travelling.
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Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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