Art in Rome November 2019

09.11.2019 - 21.11.2019

The major international art exhibition in Rome “Art in Rome November 2019” opens at the elegant space of the “Art Gallery Rome” Gallery in Via di Parione 10 00186 Rome in the historic center of Rome a few meters from the Chiostro del Bramante and Piazza Navona.

Pictorial, photographic, sculptural and digital works by artists from seventeen different countries will be on display:
Austria; Belgium; France; Germany; India; Iran; Italy; Lithuania; Poland; Portugal; Czech Republic; Romania; Russia; Sweden; Switzerland; Hungary; USA.

During the vernissage there will be a critical presentation of the exhibition by Giuseppina Pecoraro – Historian and Art Critic.
Art in Rome November 2019 is on display from November 9th to November 21st with opening hours from Tuesday to Friday from 4.30pm to 8.30pm and Saturday from 10.30am to 9.30pm

Event organizing Artists in the World Events
List of Artists for Art in Rome November 2019
personal mini – mini solo exhibition
Yolande Descombes; Tana MacholdovaValentina Anopova; Maria Rosa Barut Costantini; Beate Ch. Batiajew; Giovanni Boldrini “Boldriniart”; Simone Coccia; Yolande Descombes; Daniele Digiuni; Hilke Elisabeth Helmich; Dominika Köck “DominikaArt”; Donated Maria Rita Licciardello “LaDy”; Tana Macholdova; Maria Caterina Mariano “Mari ‘”; Luisa Marques da Silva “Luiza Souza”; Daria Martinoni; Simret Nebrin Rylander; Adora Newton; Aleksandra Ogórkiewicz ART; Caterina Pallavicino; Ilaria Pergolesi; Top52 Tonino Perna; Ovi D. Pop; Irena Prochazkova; Brian Reeves; Angelo Ribezzi; Adela Rusu; Aparajita Sen; Aboli Shah; Jeanne Simon; Zivile Slektavice; Aranka Székely; Florence Thibaut; Azadeh Yaghubpur

Artists in the World Events is a high-level international art organization company focused primarily on the Visual Arts. It operates throughout Europe and works with artists of any nationality, offering them dedicated professional services for the development of artistic careers through participation in artistic exhibition events organized only within leading galleries in the sector, prestigious locations in the historic centers of the main cities European.
The Art Gallery Rome gallery, is located in the heart of ancient Rome, a few meters from the Cloister of Bramante and Piazza Navona, Rome’s number one destination for importance and beauty, in Via di Parione 10 in the Attolico palace, a splendid 17th century palace of the Attolico family.

His room has been elegantly restored taking care of every finishing detail of the exhibition space, so as to adequately accommodate the works of art on display. The Art Gallery Rome intends to be a reference point for the promotion and dissemination of Contemporary Art by both Italian and foreign artists, taking advantage of the professionalism and experience of a selected staff.

Our main objective is to give artists more and more visibility, providing them with an important showcase in a place very popular with both tourists and residents, without neglecting a series of services accompanying the exhibition events that characterize a high-level organization.

Location: Art Gallery Rome, Via di Parione, 10, Rome
Date: November 9-21


Art Gallery Rome, Via di Parione, 10, Rome, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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