The Sweet Release Of Death


Numavi Records presents: The Sweet Release of Death is one of the most popular acts from the Rotterdam Underground. On October 10, her third album was released on Subroutine Records.

“Oh my, what a lot of misery” This could be the first thing you remember when you hear a band called The Sweet Release of Death.

Alicia Ferrer Breton (vocals/bass), Martijn Tevel (guitar) and Sven Englishman (drums) form an elemental force that embodies a multitude of stylistic shades of gray … with a touch of jet-black humor. Songs that pull the strings between eternal love and twisted obsession and greet the Day of Judgment as a grand blockbuster spectacle.

DEATHDEATHDEATH, that is the Viennese multimedia artist Fazo, who as a drummer, music producer, illustrator and author roams about eclectic sound utopias via experimental trip hop.

His enormous versatility, characterized by dark tape sound and the nourishing vocal features are both comfortingly familiar and spooky strange.

Admission: 8 €
Weberknecht cellar


Weberknecht, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Wien, Österreich



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