Ludovico Einaudi

03.12.2019 - 21.12.2019

Ludovico Einaudi returns to the city of Milan as every year.
This year he will bring his “Seven Days Walking Tour” into the hearth of Milan.

Seven Days Walking is divided into seven episodes, focussing on several main themes which vary each time.
‘The idea first came to me as I was listening to the recordings of the first sessions: each version seemed to me to have its own personality, with subtleties so distinct from one another that I was unable to choose which I preferred. I associated everything with walking, with the experience of following the same routes over and over, discovering new details each time.’ (Einaudi)

Place: Teatro Dal Verme, Via San Giovanni sul Muro, 2, 20121 Milan, Italy
Date: 3. – 21.12.2019
Start: 20:00
Admission: 63-256€
+39 02 87905


Teatro Dal Verme, Via San Giovanni sul Muro, Miláno, Taliansko


63-256 EUR

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