Crash Roma: Live Music

04.09.2019 - 27.11.2019

Crash Roma, live music doubles: the new artistic season kicks off!
The spotlight of the intimate and evocative stage of Crash Roma is rekindled, for a new extraordinary musical season. Songwriters, classical musicians and a new surprising jazz review: in the small great temple of the food and wine taste of Rome, double the appointments between live music, art and culture.

All set for the new musical season of Crash Roma, the intimate and charming venue in the heart of the Trieste district, a few meters from piazza Istria and a stone’s throw from the Luiss Guido Carli University. A true temple of the enograstronomic taste, which next to a highly selected food, wine & mixology offer proposes a new concept of live music in a dimension of great artistic impact not only for the public but also for the musicians themselves.

LIVE MUSIC, THE DOUBLING APPOINTMENT – With the new musical season, the appointment with the live concerts at the Crash Roma doubles and becomes even more interesting. Tuesday and Wednesday nights: two dates a week between songwriters, emerging projects and prominent names, classical music festivals and a new jazz proposal.

Starting from September 4th, Crash Roma returns to play quality music. A season of live concerts full of artists and original proposals, with the most virtuous musicians and bands of the Roman and national scene, in a unique and extraordinary unplugged concept perfectly set in the intimate and familiar atmosphere of the venue.

DATES AND ARTISTS IN THE AGENDA – On the website and on the social channels of Crash Roma, the continuously updated calendar is available with all the live dates and concerts on the agenda. A rich and varied billboard, which spans genres, influences, styles and atmospheres to offer the public a careful and ever-increasing quality proposal.

Here is a preview of this autumn’s dates:

September 4th – Emilio Stella
September 11th – Andrea Gioia
September 18th – Marco Rò
September 24th – Fabrizio Proietti
September 25th – Crash Classic
October 1st – Malinverni
October 2nd – Joe Balluzzo
October 8th – Dario Falasca
October 9th – The Wedding of Thebes
October 15 – Skymall Solution
October 16 – WakeUpCall
22 October – Mitumme
23 October – Michele Mud
29 October – Livia Ferri
30 October – Crash Classic
5 November – Paolo Rasile
6 November – Gabriele Lopez
12 November – Taverna Umberto I
27 November – Crash Classic

SUPPORT THE MUSIC LIVE (REALLY) AT ALL COSTS – That of Crash Roma can be defined as a real “mission”, starting from the cachet provided for all the artists who take the stage (detail not so obvious, as know the experts). A very precise artistic choice, which confirms the commitment of the restaurant strongly aimed at promoting and supporting live music in a new and stimulating context, original and of the highest quality.

The artistic director Emiliano Locuratolo (owner together with Filippo Pica) personally takes care of the music selection, developing always careful and quality artistic proposals. This is how the interesting Crash [A] Live reviews are born (dedicated to the original music and the most intimate and innovative projects of the underground scene, open at the same time also to covers and tributes, folk and traditional music), the surprising Crash [Classic] (born in collaboration with the young pianist M ° Michele Tozzetti, who readjusts classical music, shaping it to the contemporary while respecting the distinctive features of elegance and tradition but at the same time revolutionizing the way it is used) and this year a great novelty, signaled in preview, a musical proposal to the rhythm of jazz.

FOOD & WINE AMONG EXCELLENCES AND PASSION MADE IN SOUTH – Crash Roma opened less than a year ago but has already established itself as a small temple of taste and live music. Filippo Pica and Emiliano Locuratolo are both sommeliers, entrepreneurs under 35 proudly rooted in the south and have given shape to a location curated in detail by the artist and interior designer Antonella Romano, from which a new and courageous entrepreneurial challenge starts: a place that makes quality not only an essential password, but a real trademark.

From the rich menu perfect for an aperitif, dinner or after dinner (with lots of good vegan and vegetarian alternatives), to the excellent labels of the finest wineries. The best of the enogastronomy of the territory, between innovation and good tradition. That innovation that meets experimentation celebrating and enhancing the best of typical products. To mark this encounter / clash, not surprisingly, the rhythm of the crash: the battery plate that closes a musical phase in music and opens another, defines breaks and changes.

Location: Crash Vibes & Wines, Via San Marino, 47 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
Date: September 4 – November 27
Time: 21:00
Cost: Free entry
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Crash Vibes & Wines, Via San Marino, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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