Dinners with Star Chefs at the Radisson Blu

14.05.2019 - 11.11.2019

Radisson Blu es.Hotel , Rome and the Sette restaurant are pleased to announce six important event dinners , in the company of six Michelin-star chefs selected from the best interpreters of contemporary Italian cuisine.

Ingredients and smells that combine ancient flavors and modern techniques from all over the world, going to compose so dishes that will be “tradition” tomorrow.

A care and a passion that is born and develops in a constant research on the territory to which it belongs, in the farms and producers, in the Italian countryside and seas, making the most of every single product and preferring all those artisan, organic and impact production systems zero.
The protagonist of our restaurant project is the resident chef Giuseppe Gaglione, author of a kitchen in constant balance between the typical flavors of the Mediterranean and fusion elaborations in line with the most important contemporary international gastronomic traditions.


Tuesday 14 May 2019

Andrea Ribaldone- born in 1971, Milanese by birth, but Piedmontese in terms of origins and education, he grew professionally in the kitchens of the La Fermata restaurant in Alessandria, run by chef Riccardo Aiachini, whom he considered his master of life and work. After countless experiences in Europe and beyond, Andrea is today a chef with defined inspiration and high level technique. His cuisine can be defined as “solar”, with a perfect balance between the balance of tradition and the elegance of research. Its fundamental characteristic is the constant search for new raw materials, better if territorial and selected according to ethical production and distribution criteria. Chef patron of the Osteria Arborina * from 2017 but not only: Andrea Ribaldone is also a consultant and F&B Director for JSH Hotel & Resort and leading man of Identità Golose Milan,

They say of him: «Andrea Ribaldone has Piedmont in his veins: his father is from Lu Monferrato and his mother – his undisputed teacher in the kitchen, an excellent cook, guilty of having transferred her son’s love for good things – is also Piedmontese. The cook’s grandfather had instead a famous pasta factory in Milan: in the second post-war period he served the army, inventing the famous pasta in the shape of a Wheel »

Monday 17 June 2019

Nicola Fossaceca – born in 1983, is the chef Patron of the Restaurant al Metrò * (family pastry shop that became a restaurant in 2002) in San Salvo Marina (CH), on the Abruzzo coast. He has a deep connection with his land of belonging; starting from the local flavors and traditions from which it draws inspiration, it develops original itineraries that feed on the teachings of international cuisine.

They say of him: «When Nicola begins to revisit some classics of local seafood cuisine in his own way, someone turns his nose but he can see his flicker, his light hand, the continuous search for those contrasts that live inside and outside him, fruit of a never self-referential creativity that Michelin awards with a star in the 2013 guide »

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Francesco Brutto – born in 1988, is the chef of the Undicesimo Vineria * restaurant in Treviso. His visionary and courageous cuisine pays great attention to herbs, local products and their re-elaboration with a harmonious and avant-garde approach. His goal is not to distort local excellence, but to be able to give them new shape.

They say of him: «Although far from a comfortable location and made the tare of the copious presence of herbs and essences that intoxicate and almost narcotize, the experience is one of the most complete from a not only sensorial point of view but also cognitive: abstract, ecstatic, sometimes even mystical as pure artistic experience »

Monday 16 September 2019

Alessandro Dal Degan – born in 1981, inherits the love for cooking from his mother, who is also a cook.
Today he is the chef patron of the restaurant La Tana * in Asiago (VI) and transforms his passion for cooking into an exciting search for the raw material and ingredients of his land.
They say of him: «(Alessandro is) a cook-herbalist who knows every sprout, grass or root that grows on the splendid Plateau, the same shrubs sung by the Asiaghese Mario Rigoni Stern. […] A very personal and material kitchen, which does not dissipate, nor disfigures the raw material as many today do: this remains central and well present under the respectful blows of the hero Dal Degan, JRE with increasingly clear ideas, from proceeding always more elegant and with a hand definitively free from some small ingenuity of origins »

Monday 21 October 2019

Mauro Buffo – born in 1978, is today chef of the 12 Apostoli * restaurant in Verona. After many important experiences in kitchens around the world, he returned to his hometown to lead the brigade of the 12 Apostles. Superior technique, elegance and territory blend harmoniously in his dishes.
They say of him: «Funny it is of few words, of a basic shyness that can be mistaken for arrogance. Technically impeccable, highly skilled, well versed, it deserves a reputation that still does not have full, but that will soon conquer, if the 12 Apostles project goes into port. A character to be discovered, as well as a great chef who proposes harmonies of the highest level. “I wanted to go home after being away for so long. I rediscovered the contact with nature, with the territory: I stopped by the craftsman who prepared me a great ham, then at the Botanical Garden of Monte Baldo, where I stock up on wild herbs ».

Monday 11 November 2019

Davide Caranchini – born in 1990, is the chef of the Materia * restaurant in Cernobbio (CO). After graduating from a hotel management school in Como, he left for a series of experiences abroad, including the Noma in Copenhagen. It is here that the young chef is passionate about the plant world, always discovering the surprise that nature can offer. His cuisine is a mixture of tradition of his land, of experimentation and continuous research and of all the trips and experiences acquired abroad.

About him: «He is one of the most talented young Italian chefs and his restaurant Materia is from the opening one of the essential stops for those who want to closely observe a signature cuisine able to move between Nordic influences, fermentations, extractions, acidity and bitter tastes. A really complex world, in the backstage, but that at the table comes in often essential version, and where immediacy is the master

Location: Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome, Via Filippo Turati, 171, Rome
Date: May 14th – November 11th 2019
Cost: 70 Euros per person (includes wines)


Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome, Via Filippo Turati, 171, Rome, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


70 EUR

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